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Mother Misery – Standing Alone

Released By : Transtubans Records

Genre : Hard Rock, Stoner Rock

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01.  Dirty Little Secrets

02.  In Monochrome

03.  Dying Heroes

04.  Standing Alone

05.  This Is What I Am

06.  Fade Away

07.  Inside The Hive

08.  Eyes Of The moth

09.  To Hell

10.  War Inside

11.  Stats Of Grace

After spending some time with the third album from Swedish group MOTHER MISERY I am convinced that they have everything needed to break out in a big way, the only qualm I have is trying to work out just what market their newly released STANDING ALONE should be pushed into. The simplest explanation of their sound would be basically right on the fence between hard rock and metal, but they also have a bit of a stoner rock vibe going on here and oddly enough a fair helping of late nineties grunge music too. Maybe grunge music itself is too strong of an example….Think more like a middle ground between ALICE IN CHAINS and SOUNDGARDEN made more evident by the vocalist sounding uncannily like Chris Cornell on more than a few occasions throughout the running time of this disc.

The album as a whole has a distinct feel and is a very pleasant listen from start to stop, which is something that is unfortunately quite rare these days and the modern sludge based guitar sound is very thick & meaty while never sounding too muddy. The song writing is consistently good across the board, but a couple of individual tracks do shine through as being a bit superior to the rest, the big one here being FADE AWAY, a song that the band has already been smart enough to make a video for to push it as a single. This track has a great ability to sound very modern, yet bring back memories of when SOUNDGARDEN and ALICE IN CHAINS were kings of the world. The closing track, a little ballad tune called STATE OF GRACE is haunting and almost hypnotic when cranked up loud through headphones and is one not to be missed. STANDING ALONE and TO HELL are also worthy of seeking out to hear the best this band has to offer.

Though I concede the fact that MOTHER MISERY a very good band in their own right, what sets them apart from hundreds of other very good bands is the amazing voice of John Hermansen, seriously this guy has so much power pushing behind his vocals and the fact that he can do the whole Chris Cornell thing but still get low and dirty enough to brinch a slight Layne Staley vibe to certain parts of songs means that you can’t fault his range either. Hermansen is the kind of vocalist all bands dream of finding, he’s highly skilled but still manages to sound as though he is doing it effortlessly….a true musician in every sense of the word.

After hearing a few samples of this album before receiving a copy to review I already knew I was going to enjoy it, but I really wasn’t expecting STANDING ALONE to hit me like it did, and for that alone I am comfortable to recommend the album to anybody that is into any form of rock or metal where great vocals are an important aspect.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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