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Black Country Communion – Afterglow Review

Released By : Mascot Records

Genre : Funk Rock, Blues Rock, Classic Rock

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Glenn Hughes – Vocals, Bass

Joe Bonamassa – Guitar, Vocals

Jason Bonham – Drums

Derek Sherrinian – Keyboards, Organ



01. Big Train

02. This Is Your Time

03. Midnight Sun

04. Confessor

05. Cry Freedom

06. Afterglow

07. Dandelion

08. The Circle

09. Common Man

10. The Giver

11. Crawl


When supergroup BLACK COUNTRY REUNION released their 2010 debut BLACK COUNTRY I have no shame in admitting that it categorically blew me away. Glenn Hughes and Joe Bonamassa are two of my favourite musicians, so there was that aspect, but the band as a whole seemed to bring back a page of pure rock ‘n’ roll that had been all but lost up until their arrival on the scene. Their follow up “2” a year later was almost as good as the first one and I was hapy to declare that BCC were one of the most important bands to have emerged in years.

Another year gone by and the band have released their third album titled AFTERGLOW, and try as I might I just can’t get into this one as much as the last two. If you follow any sort of rock music news sites you’ve likely heard by now that things in the BCC camp aren’t as rosy as they once were and that Glenn Hughes and Joe Bonamassa have been rather unhappy with one another due to scheduling conflicts during the writing phase of this latest album, which has meant that Bonamassa has been busy touring and promoting his latest solo album, causing a majority of the writing being left to Hughes, who was also busy trying to piece together his latest solo effort.

The result is that AFTERGLOW feels much more like a Glenn Hughes solo album than a true BCC album. There’s still a strong seventies blues-rock backbone and the influence from bands like THE WHO and LED ZEPPELIN is still clearly found across the album, but overall there is more a funk-ish feel to the record, which to long-time Hughes solo career followers will be quite familiar with. Sometimes I also get a vibe that reminds me a little of what AUSIOSLAVE did. It’s a strong rock album yes, and it certainly has a few moments where it is completely smokin’, for example tracks like CONFESSOR, CRY FREEDOM and COMMON MAN. What is really missing though is the vocal contribution from Joe Bonamassa though, and while the songs he fronted on the previous two albums where all little highlights themselves, on AFTERGLOW he is delegated to not much more than a backing vocalist, save for a few moments here and there.

If AFTERGLOW had of been labelled as a Glenn Hughes solo record I’m sure I would have enjoyed it more than I did, but seeing as though this is meant to be the next epic from supergroup deluxe BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION, I can’t help but feel a little underwhelmed. With the issues that are going on within the band at the moment, it wouldn’t surprise me if this is the last we hear from BCC for a while. Let’s hope not though as I’d really prefer them to have another go at recapturing the magic of the first couple of albums.


Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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One thought on “Black Country Communion – Afterglow Review

  1. I think 7 out of 10 is an overly conservative evaluation. Frankly I regard this album near masterpiece level and certainly well within the range of a classic. Of course I am biased because I love real rock, not the namby pampy sort of bilge that has infected the air waves for a very long time. This CD is a total breath of fresh air for anyone who can appreciate the sort of quality that use to be considered standard fare. That was before rap, grunge, disco, country, and all the rest of the corporate tripe that has infested our musical culture for decades. If you truly appreciate virtuosity and quality this is the CD you should be listening to. In addition this is BCC’s best outing at this point. Rumor has it it may be the last. That would be a loss of great significance to the world of quality music. Bonamassa and Hughes need to work out their difference. They apparently made this outing work and one can only wonder what great suprises they might have in store for their next effort.


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