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Hyperial – Blood and Dust Review

Hyperial - Blood and Dust

Hyperial – Blood and Dust

Released by: Self released

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Symphonic, Extreme, Technical Death Metal



Line Up:

Kamil “Grochu” Grochowski – Guitar/Vocals

Konrad “Kula” Kulesza – Guitars

Artur Miarka – Bass

Aneta Pawtel – Keyboard/Sample

Przemyslaw “Bocian” Bednarczyk – Drums



01. The plague of the used masses

02. In the abyss of madness

03. Gehenna upon his feet

04. Civilization Dies

05. By the alley of silence

06. The picture of deformed bodies

07. In the desert of dementia

08. Human in the psychosis relentless

09. Till the end of his days

10. Luciferion


As I write this review, 2015 is now in full-swing, and with so many new releases being pumped out already it’s easy to leave last year in the dust and forget about it. One album I almost missed out on was the new one from HYPERIAL, and even though it’s been out for quite a while, BLOOD AND DUST is worth stepping back for.

HYPERIAL have been around in one shape or another since 2006, but BLOOD AND DUST is the first I have heard from them, so as for how it compares to previous efforts…I couldn’t tell you. Extremely chunky, blast-beat filled, Technical Death Metal is the order of the day here, with brutal pig-squeal type vocals, but there is also some symphonic, melodic keyboard work to be found, which makes for an interesting mix.

Thematically, it feels as though the band are going for that futuristic, Industrial feel, sort of like FEAR FACTORY for the new generation. But in place of the usual dry, grinding feel, the album has a wall-of-sound type warmth. There is a lot to like here for tech-heads, and if there is truly no drum machine assistance, then the speed and precision of the blast-beats needs a special mention for sure. Though the brutality and aggressiveness of the overall sound is very good, the highlights of this album for me came in the moments where the guttural “brie” type vocal lines clashed with the almost classical sounding keyboard work.

If you like a bit of substance and atmosphere mixed in with your brutal/extreme metal, BLOOD AND DUST has you covered. The band is currently on the hunt for a record label, and you can be sure that WHEN they find the right match you’ll be hearing plenty more about them.


Written by: ZeeZee Dawson

Ratings:    ZeeZee    9/10


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