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Magnum and Vega live at Rock City, Nottingham, UK on May 17th, 2016

Live Review : Shane Bradley

Photo Credit Shane Bradley (Facebook)



As the tension and excitement starts to kick in, its almost showtime. Tonight’s main attraction would be in the guise of those wiley old veterans and pure powerhouses Magnum, supported by the ever popular and talented Vega.

Vega hit the stage at exactly 1 1/2 mins past 8 and from their determined and focused demeanor you just knew the Vega boys were going to give it their all, and that they surely did, kicking off with the brand new track ‘Explode’ taken from their recently released highly acclaimed 4th studio album ‘Who We Are’. The boys gave a mature and solid performance, and that is one thing that can be said about these guys they are much more mature these days of course only in a musical and delivery sense while still holding the party hard attitude. Frontman ‘Nick Workman’ was energetic and lively and the band were tight and fluent, which pleased the ever growing crowd as we rocked one tune to the next. Vega  now have a solid collection of material to choose from and this they did as we went back to ‘ Kiss Of Life’ and on to ‘Gonna Need Some Love Tonite’. By the time ‘Stereo Messiah’ rocked our socks the crowd were into full swing, this in turn spurred Vega to give ‘All Or Nothing’. Before long we were waving a ‘White Flag’ To Show just ‘Who We Are’. Time though was against us and Vegas’ all too short but full on rockin set was about to close, but the ‘Saving Grace’ is we will be seeing much more of ‘Vega’ in the weeks and months ahead.

Vega (8) Vega (11) Vega (10) Vega (7) Vega (3)

The time had come for Magnum to hit the stage as the lights dimmed you catch a glimpse of the guys as they head center stage, before the lights went up and out comes Bob Catley donned head to toe in white denim with a red t and white trainers. ‘Soldier Of The Light’ is first up and soon the crowd were jumping. The highlight from this performance was the back catalogue which was used to the full and lets face it with 17 studio albums to choose from there is never going to be a lack of material but more which ones to choose ‘Story Tellers Night’ ‘Sacred Blood Devine Lies’ The title track from their current album brought a great response from the crowd. As Bob Catley and company smoothly rolled back the years with one killer tune after another ‘How Far Jerusalem’  ‘Les Morts Dansant’ ‘Crazy Old Mother’, were all received with rapturous appease the latter being sang back to Bob whilst he stands arms aloft conducting the audience in chorus. The band were solid and tight as the night grew towards its close Tony Clarkin on guitar was inspirational once more and this showed with his tremendous solo. The Set closer was the ever popular ‘Vigilante’ which brought raptures of song from the appreciative crowd. The encore saw the truly classic and soul searching ‘The Spirit’ before finally saying goodbye with ‘Kingdom Of Madness’.

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