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Shaman’s Harvest and Theory Of A Deadman live at Mars Music Hall, Von Braun Center in Huntsville, AL on February 15th, 2022


Photos by: Julius Richardson

Words by: Shadow Editor



Tours long in the making due to Covid have finally seem to be making it’s way through towns in America. This was the case with the many times reschedule Theory of a Deadman tour that finally got it’s barrings and hit Huntsville. The atmosphere was packed this brisk Tuesday evening in the Rocket city. With the convenience of the venue so close to downtown and the regular crowd of rockers that always show up for these shows all queued up, we couldn’t wait to step once more into a new year filled with promise and hopefully more live gigs.

Promptly kicking things off are the excellent top Hard Rockers Shaman’s Harvest who look ready to blast off the night with their trademark and gritty Hard Rock vibes. We had the pleaseure to speak with front man Nathan Hunt for our channel, and he was ready to finally hit the road after many trials and tribulations due to the nature of touring in the business. Shaman’s has a new release out which finally came out, again a much anticipated release in “Rebelator”. We spoke to Hunt about the new album and much more, watch here.

Shaman’s been around a hot minute starting back in 2009, these guys have a mature vibe and sound. They aren’t a new band on the scene by any stretch of the imagination. Their biggest hit to date came off the “Shine” album with the single “Dragonfly”. Later adding more to their repertoir with the 2017 release of “Red Hands Black Deeds”. Excited to watch these guys live, they don’t waste any minute delivering a strong set opening with “Bird Dog” and the excellent groovy “Voices”. Another solid snake charmer comes via “Country As Fuck” from the “Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns” record. Hunt is an excellent vocalist, mixing soul, edgy raspy vocals that fits very well with the band mix of Modern Hard Rock/Southern style. The last two songs end the night and unfortunately much too short set for my tastes with “In Chains” and “Dragonfly”. Solid opener but much expected to be honest. Anybody who’s a fan of solid Hard Rock needs to check them out, add them to your constant playlist, and hopefully get a change to check them out live as you won’t be dissapointed.

The headliner keeps things rolling and that would be the Canadian band Theory of a Deadman. Thinking about bands that seem to hang around the scene a long time, circa 2000 from back in the day are exactly TOAD. I’m not just saying this based on one of their biggest hits in “Bad Girfriend”, but is just damn hard now a days to remain relevant and keep releasing consistent music that has an appeal with old and new fan base. These guys are prime example of that. With a dazzling display of lights and ready to continue the rockin’ night, they launch into “Lowlife” and “Bitch” as the crowd is ready to warm up this brisk Tuesday workday. Things continue to jive well with “Wicked” and “Straight Jacket” as front man Tyler Connolly puts in a bang up job on vocals.

Next tune “Angel” brings back another solid rocker leading closer to the encores in “RX” and “Bad Girlfriend”. A great night to kick things back into high gear. Hopefully signs of things to come as gigs are beginning to get booked up again, and the locals are wanting more after what seemed to be ages of restrictions and tons of net losses in the music business. The collective effort to keep music alive in this town still going strong. With a class act new Amphiteater done and dusted and ready for opening, we look forward to many great nights of music. Support the rock folks!!!

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