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Foo Fighters – Wasting Light

Released By : RCA Records

Genre : Rock, Alternative

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01.  Bridge Burning

02.  Rope

03.  Dear Rosemary

04.  White Limo

05.  Arlandria

06.  These Days

07.  Back And Forth

08.  A Matter Of Time

09.  Miss The Misery

10.  I Should Have Known

11.  Walk

Whether you are a fan of the fooies or not, you have to give Dave Grohl some credit… After the amazing legacy left as a part of NIRVANA and the terrible loss of friend Kurt Cobain, no-one would have begrudged him if he had just disappeared into the stratosphere, appearing sporadically to fight the occasional legal battle with Courtney Love. But no, instead he has spent the last sixteen years creating no less than seven FOO FIGHTERS albums among many, many guest spots on other albums and even as a member of few other bands too.

As FOO FIGHTERS went along, they changed from being an alternative rock outfit hell-bent on picking up the youth audience all the way to a fully-fledged arena rock band. On this new album WASTING LIGHT it seems as though Grohl wanted to turn the dial back a little and play it a little less safer than he has on the last three albums or so. In a fashion this has worked well as there is few heavier and less commercial tracks on the disc that will surely please fans of the band’s earlier works, but if you have enjoyed the more radio-friendly side of the FOO FIGHTERS fear not as there is still plenty of that stuff to be found too.

BRIDGE BURNING, WALK and WHITE LIMO are the most alternative the band have sounded on a long time and each of these tracks harkens back to songs like MONKEY WRENCH and THIS IS A CALL. On the other side of the coin ROPE and MATTER OF TIME are custom made for mass radio airplay and will be frat house anthems for the next twelve months or so for sure. There is one anomaly amongst the bunch in BACK & FORTH, which simply sounds like nineties grunge music and is the closest to sounding like NIRVANA Dave Grohl has sounded since his days in the mighty grunge monsters.

Krist Novoselic and Butch Vig also feature on the album but not to any degree that they actually make a difference to what is essentially another FOO FIGHTERS album with more of the same. The only difference here is that Grohl has gone over his entire history to find the elements used in making up the various songs, creating an album that sounds a bit like a progression of the fooies from the early days through to their status today as radio hit stalwarts.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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