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Diamond Lane – World Without Heroes

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Modern Sleaze Rock, Hard Rock

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01.  All Rebels Welcome

02.  I Know Who You Did Last Summer

03.  City of Sin

04.  Sundress City

05.  All The Pretty Things

06.  Needle Down

07.  Time Bomb

08.  Heaven’s Falling

09.  Never Going Home

10.  Endgame

DIAMOND LANE have never had a record contract, they have only been around for a few years and WORLD WITHOUT HEROES is only their second release, but somehow they are pretty well known name in the hard rock world already and have been touted widely as one of the better bands going in to the next generation. Recent support slots with bands like ZZ TOP AND AEROSMITH also shows that the industry itself can see potential here and now that this album is finally available to the masses let’s see if this band is all talk or whether they can walk the walk….

Well if you ask me I’d say they’re about three quarters of the way there, which means there’s nothing wrong with this album at all, it just needed a little bit more…something. Call it spark, call it pizazz or call it woah-factor but whatever it is that is all that’s needed to excel DIAMOND LANE into the top tier. Their music should be perfect to please the modern rock crowd, but where they differ is their clear love of eighties hair music that they have incorporated into their style. What they have ended up with is a sort of modern version of sunset strip type sleaze rock not too dissimilar to bands like BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, BUCKCHERRRY and even VAINS OF JENNA but mixed with a light touch of bands like HINDER and SEETHER in particular.

I truly do think there is enough of each sides of the coin here to please fans of both modern rock and classic eighties rock and if nothing else that certainly deserves a pat on the pack. The opening two tracks show the variety of the band excellently with opener ALL REBELS WELCOME having a very GUNS N ROSES sounding guitar riff and a vocal chorus straight out of 1986, but then second track I KNOW WHO YOU DID LAST SUMMER brings the more modern sound to the fore.

DIAMOND LANE has certainly been picking up speed lately and there is a fair amount of buzz around the place about this new album of theirs and it’s easy to see why. WORLD WITHOUT HEROES has a unique, catchy sound with a fantastic production and enough music to please fans of a fair few different genres….If that’s not enough reason to check this album out then I don’t know what would be. I can’t wait to see what these come up with for their next album because I think with a little more time and experience they may well have a mega album somewhere up their sleeves.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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