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Rococo – The Firestorm And Other Love Stories

Released By : Angel Air Records

Genre : Classic Rock, Progressive Rock

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1. Baby J
2. Rock-Ola
3. Red Hot Teens
4. Follow That Car
5. Hometown Girls: Downtown Pearls
6. Smack
7. Movie Star
8. Lucinda You’re A Sinner
9. The Firestorm And Aftermath
10. Ultrastar
11. Wildfire
12. Boy Racer
13. The Hollywood Brats

One of last year’s highlight release from UK re-issue label Angel Air Records would have to have been RUN FROM THE WILDFIRE, which was a previously very hard to find collection of songs from obscure seventies progressive rockers/classic rockers ROCOCO. Now just under a year later the kind folks at Angel Air have dug up another bunch songs from ROCOCO that were up until now virtually impossible to find at any decent sort of aural quality.

Style-wise this next group of songs follows in the footsteps of previous material and ha sa very accessible sound. Yes, they have some progressive touches, but once again it’s more a matter of RUSH meets QUEEN via some early day JOURNEY. Certainly a mouth-watering concept, but this is one of those instances where the sound actually does come out as good you think it should.  There’s also the occasional nod to early day DAVID BOWIE, none more so in the track SMACK that could have easily sat on one of BOWIE’S first few albums no problems.

As per usual with any archive release from Angel Air, the digital transfers make for some very high quality audio, add to that an informative booklet with some rare pictures and what you end up with is an essential purchase for all fans of early progressive rock, especially for those of you who recall being into the band in the seventies. Also added on to the end of this collection is an ultra-rare version of THE HOLLYWOOD BRATS, which was captured live in the studio on a two-track recorder and hasn’t been touched up or overdubbed at all. More a curio than anything else, but when listening to this particular version keep in mind it was all done in one take….very impressive!!

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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