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Kopek – White Collar Lies

Released By : Sony Independent Network

Genre : Melodic Modern Alt. Rock

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01.  Cocaine Chest

02.  White Collar Lies

03.  Fever

04.  Love Is Dead

05.  Floridian

06.  Sub Human

07.  The Easy Way (D.B Cooper)

08.  Running Scared

09.  Bring It On Home

10.  Lovesick Blues

11.  Bigger Than Us All

12.  Sin City

If you are into modern rock in any capacity and are yet to discover KOPEK, sit back and relax because you’re about to get a special treat. As the band slowly pick up steam in the wider rock music media more and more people are discovering just how special and awesome this album is, now lucky reader it’s your turn…

The first thing you need to know about KOPEK is that unlike a lot of bands these days that get together and then release an album within months, these guys have done their apprenticeship the hard way. The formed in the mid-nineties in Ireland, and it has taken them until now to finally get the respect of a good label to put their tunes out on. This obviously means that the band have had a long time to get their stuff together, which really does show in the overall style and class found all across this album.

The band’s sound can be classed as modern alternative rock, but there is a few other elements that help them give off a very unique and interesting sound. The main culprit here is nineties alternative and grunge music, with clear influence from bands like JANE’S ADDICTION, FEEDER and NIRVANA, but while all of these groups can be slightly heard within the make-up of the KOPEK sound, not once did it feel like they were imitating anybody, which is something that is pretty rare to find in the modern era of radio rock.

The album starts off with COCAINE CHEST PAINS, a genius tune that sounds something like a cross between JANE’S ADDITION and BUCKCHERRY. The second track WHITE COLLAR LIES is my out-and-out favorite tune on the album and is a fantastic politically charged anti-war song that can be related to by anybody missing friends and family abroad. FEVER is more of a basic rock track that mixes the formula of BUCKCHERRY with the mega-radio sound of someone like HINDER. LOVE IS DEAD is the first single off the album and is a very catchy tune that instantly brings back fond memories of the better parts of the nineties alternative music scene. FLORIDIAN is a slow tune that shows the band can do slow and moody just as well as they do the rock out stuff. The second half of the album also features a couple of highlights in LOVESICK BLUES and BIGGER THAN US ALL, but for my personal tastes the first half is the winner.

It’s been a while since we have had a genuinely exciting band in the world of modern rock, but out of the blue comes KOPEK to stake their claim and if this first album is anything to go by we should be hearing a whole from them in the future. My only fear with albums like this is the fact that the band spent years preparing for it, so who knows what to expect from a second album that will obviously not have as much time attached to it. If KOPEK can avoid the sophomore slump many bands face, they will definitely become a massive force in the world of modern rock music so keep an eye out for them.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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One thought on “Kopek – White Collar Lies

  1. Hey ZeeZee
    Amazing review. Thank you and glad you enjoyed the album. I run Kopek’s label Religion and also A&R’d & produced the album. I can promise you album 2 is going to be just as good if not better. Most of album twos songs are set aside already and it will be amazing. This band can seriously write and come up with genuine, honest material with great hooks. We will rush you a copy of album 2 when the time comes so you can be one of the first on it.
    Anyways again thanks for the great review and support.
    Cheers from Ireland


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