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Mooncry – Rivers Of Heart

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Modern Power Metal

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01.  Seconds In Time

02.  Memories Drowning

03.  Ghosts Of Mind

04.  Grief And Hope

05.  Rivers Of Heart

06.  Into The Night

07.  Hopeless Play

08.  Suffer My Pain

09.  Among The Fallen Leaves

It’s amazing just how many power metal bands remain largely unknown when there seems to be such a large global market for the genre. MOONCRY may not yet be a part of larger puzzle, but as far as second-tier bands go, they should certainly be able to make a successful career as a highly touted support act. Their first album was a bit of a mess and general ratings for it were pretty low, which is probably why this new one was released without very much fanfare.

I’m glad to say that this time around everything has been significantly improved and now the band can begin their assault with a pretty darn good record behind them. There’s still not quite enough here for this to be a massive album for them, but if they can keep improving at such a fast pace maybe they do have an epic album coming in the future.

The slight symphonic elements that show themselves throughout the songs really add a touch of class to the band’s sound, but when you combine that with an interesting vocal approach it makes for a pretty unique sound in the genre. The vocals here are in a much lower register than most power metal bands and at times it almost sounds as though they could be from a modern metal band, minus some of the angst. Musically, MOONCRY have created some pretty good songs here and there’s only really two that stuck out as ones to skip. SECONDS IN TIME, GRIEF AND HOPE, RIVERS OF HEART and the seven minute SUFFER MY PAIN are all tracks that are highly recommendable to any and all power metal fanatics and it’s these few songs that will determine what comes next for the band.

I’m not going to exaggerate and say that RIVERS OF HEART is amazing or anything like that, but I will say that it’s a pretty good album from a band that are quickly improving and will hold them in good stead going forward.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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