TED NUGENT Calls TRUMP ‘The Leader America Desperately Needs,’ Agrees PRINCE’s Death Was ‘Pathetic’


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Thomas S. Orwat Jr. of Rock Music Star recently conducted an interview with outspoken conservative rocker Ted Nugent. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Rock Music Star: I feel that you maybe one of the most misunderstood people in America, but people hear what they want to hear. How frustrating is it for you, when the press and left-ringers twist your words and try to turn you into a villain? Especially, when it comes to being racist. You certainly have a great respect for many of the influential African-Americans that have help shape rock music.

Nugent: Clearly I stand and connect with smart, honest people and drive dishonest weirdos crazy. So be it. In this divisive culture war, I could not be more proud of that distinction. I am unable to back off critical issues and play braindead politically correct games so that fools can continue their embarrassing denial of historical and current truth and evidence. My original inspirations were the original masters like Bo, Chuck, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, James Brown, all the fiery black artists that raised maximum hell with their over-the-top, intense live shows and amazing music. Given the fact that I am a natural born predator, you combine the fury of those black heroes with my primal hunting lifestyle and you have the ultimate, defiant, rugged individualism spewing from every song, every guitar lick, every performance to this very day. Wimps and lying haters are blind to this self-evident truth and simply hate for hate’s sake. Poor, pathetic punks, all of them.

Rock Music Star: How do you feel about the likely occurrence that Donald Trump will be our next president, and what else do you suggest he needs to do to “Make America Great Again”?

Nugent: I believe Donald Trump to be the leader America desperately needs right now in this bizzarro culture war of good against evil, earners against bloodsuckers, legal against illegal. If enough Americans fail to heed the call in 2016 to vote Trump, the self-inflicted engineered deathwish tailspin of the embarrassing Obama/Clinton/Sanders America will spiral ever downward, crashing the last best hope in a fiery ball of flames. I will fight with all my might to not let this happen to America.

Rock Music Star: Although he has since apologized for coming off “insensitive,” how do you feel about Gene Simmons‘s comments about the death of Prince, calling his death “pathetic,” due to the fact that it is speculated that his death was caused from an overdose of prescription pain killers?

Nugent: I’m afraid I would have to agree with Gene‘s original statement for it is indeed rather pathetic in this day and age that anyone could be so foolish to indulge in such widespread proven suicidal procedures. The definition of insanity is the repeating of certain conduct and expecting different results. We lost another very gifted artist due to insane choices.

Read the entire interview at Rock Music Star.

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