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Alestorm – Back Through Time

Released By : Napalm Records

Genre : Pirate Metal

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01.  Back Through Time

02.  Shipwrecked

03.  The Sunk’n Norwegian

04.  Midget Saw

05.  Buckfast Powersmash

06.  Scraping the Barrel

07.  Rum

08.  Swashbuckled

09.  Rumpelkombo

10.  Barrett’s Privateers

11.  Death Throes of the Terrorsquid

Much is said about how much a third album says about a band, and even though ALESTORM have bucked many, many trends across their epic journey they are still in the same boat as far as this is concerned. Their debut album CAPTAIN MORGAN’S REVENGE really came out of nowhere back in 2008, and while it certainly had its detractors it also found a pretty dedicated following, myself included. Their second album BLACK SAILS AT MIDNIGHT however was a bit of a let-down, not much but I found it to be taking itself a little too serious in places and a lot of what made the debut special seemed to have been watered down.

That being said, here we sit with ALESTORM’S third offering BACK THROUGH TIME and to put it quite simply were back in business again everybody. While this new one doesn’t quite match the debut in all areas it’s certainly an improvement over the band’s second offering and is absolutely a step in the right direction. The attempts at seriousness that the second album showed are all but gone here and replacing them is a whole heap of piratey goodness where rum and shipwrecks are the main menu mixed with a few really funny moments as well.

Opening track BACK THROUGH TIME is a great way to start the album off…. I mean it’s a song about pirates finding a time-machine of sorts and travelling back 600 years to do war with some Vikings. Now we all know just how serious Viking metal can be these days so this song is sure to ruffle some feathers of fans of Odin and Thor. SHIPWRECKED is great too, and features a great gang vocal chorus that really does sound like a bunch of drunken pirates waving around their flagons. THE SUNK’N NORWEIGIAN is one of my favourite tracks on the album and is one that would have sat alongside FAMOUS OLD SPICE on their first album nicely. SWASHBUCKLED follows a similar path also and really could only be described as pure ALESTORM and none other. DEATH THROES OF THE TERRORSQUID is a seven minute plus epic that incorporates all of the different things the band have done beforehand and is basically a more successful version of some of the more epic stuff the band attempted on BLACK SAILS AT MIDNIGHT. Aside from these great tracks though there is one song that stood out head and shoulders above the rest for me, and that was SCRAPING THE BARREL. With witty lyrics like “There are no more tales to be told, No more stories from battles of old. Now it seems our journey has come to an end, we’re scraping the barrel my friend.” And also “If you don’t like it, go start your own band.”, It basically works as a big UP YOURS to all of the people that hate ALESTORM for no good reason, and you know what?…I share the sentiment boys, give ‘em hell!

Simply put, If you don’t like ALESTORM then there’s obviously nothing here for you and you should just move right along please…Righto then, for those that are left now fear not….BACK THROUGH TIME is another album full of swashbucklin’, rum swiggin’ pirate metal that could only be done this well by the mighty ALESTORM, flags up boys let’s go….

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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